Piccadilly Transportation Memorabilia Museum

Jeff Francis, founder of the Piccadilly Museum, has acquired several of Butte’s most historic Uptown buildings with the intent of preserving them and putting them back to use for businesses in this century. For more information or a showing, please contact Alana LaRock, 406-560-1155.

L. A. Smith Building O’Rourke Building

Hirbour Tower
102 N. Main St.

This high-rise steel frame building, built in 1901, was one of the country’s first "skyscrapers." The ground floor is the home of Kally’s Korner, a ladies’ clothing store. In the lower level is a historic barber shop re-created by Old Butte Historical Adventures.

Owsley Block
43 E. Park St.

This historic building has sheltered businesses in the heart of Butte’s Central Business District since 1889. This building has been leased, and an exciting new business will be opening in April, 2007.

20 W. Broadway St.

Built in 1892, this building has been home to furniture businesses, a lodging house, and the Liberty Theatre. Now the home of the Piccadilly Museum of Transportation Memorabilia and Advertising Art with displays of transportation and petroliana artifacts from around the world.

L. A. Smith Building
127 N. Main St.

Built in 1919, the L. A. Smith Building is currently available for rent at $600 and there is an upstairs apartment that could be used with some minor renovations.

The O’Rourke
129 N. Main St.

Built in 1890 for Hennessey’s mercantile before it moved into the ornate building across the street. Currently home to Curleys Shoes, a high end shoe boutique. Planned renovation for winter 2006-07 for six loft apartments on the second and third floors.

Hilstead&8217;s Building
117 N. Main St.

This building has recently had an aluminum slipcover removed to reveal its original historic façade. Currently Headquarters for Old Butte Historical Adventures and features the White Owl Emporium which sells Made in Montana Crafts, soaps, and some vintage products. The second floor is part of the OLD BUTTE HISTORICAL TOUR and features original offices as left in 1937 including the law offices of Charles Juttner, a prominent Montana politician at the time.

120 N. Main St.

This was the home of the Sanitary Meat Market in the 40s and 50s, then Rosenberg’s Furniture and Donut Seed Antiques. Currently vacant, large space approx 5,000 s.f.. Available for $1000 per month, or half available for $600 per month.

Mantle & Bielenberg Bldg.
17-19 W. Broadway St.

Built in 1891 as the new home of the Butte Miner daily newspaper. Now serves as the Butte home of Montana Restorations, a fine furniture manufacturing business on the ground floor. Downstairs section available for $350 per month, approx 1000 s.f., originally a music store.

LaSalle Hotel
24 N. Main St.

Built in 1912 as a hotel. Today, the building hosts Duanes Sausages and Specialties. Not long ago, a vintage 1920s speakeasy was discovered in the basement. It has been refurbished with antiques and art on the walls and tours are available to see the under-street space. For more information about tours of the Rookwood Speakeasy Museum, contact Mike Byrnes at 498-3424.

The Stephens Block
140-146 W. Park St.

Built in the 1890s, this commercial property currently houses Michelles Lingerie and More, a top end lingerie shop, and the corner retail space (on Park and Montana), is currently available for $600.00 per month.

The Hamilton Block
45 W. Broadway St.

Originally built as a hurdy gurdy dance hall, this building is currently home of Broadway Antiques, a massive antique shop with something for everyone. Small section (old Harringtons Bar) available for $350 per month.

The Casey Block
102-106 W. Granite St.

This historic building was built at the beginning of the last century for apartments. The upper floors serve the same purposes today while the two street level storefronts are occupied by The Frame Galerie, a frame shop, gallery and gift shop and Javasu’s, a popular coffee shop next door.

For a closer look, please call 406-494-5805, visit with Alana LaRock, or call 406-723-3034 for details about terms.